Meet Our Beneficiary: Larger Than Life, LA Family

Each year, over 400 children are newly diagnosed with cancer in Israel – a rate of more than one child per day. 

The emotional and physical toll it takes on them is often devastating. Larger than Life — L.A. Family is a Los Angeles-based, community-led charity that is solely dedicated to improving and enriching the lives of these children.

They are driven by the philosophy that success is not defined merely by cancer remission, but by giving children and teenagers with cancer the experiences, skills and support to move beyond their cancer diagnosis and become happy and healthy human beings.

Larger Than Life was founded in Israel in 2000 by parents of children with cancer, and the L.A. Family shortly followed in 2003 thanks to individuals in Los Angeles who wanted to be a part of this important mission.

It has since become a leading organization, raising funds and support resources that are dedicated to bettering the quality of life for these kids and their families. They have changed the lives of thousands across all religions, races and ethnicities.

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